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  • Kelly Eaton

Eneka Pro for Laser Hair Removal comes to Wakefield

We decided to up the game and upgrade our machine to the worlds most powerful diode laser for hair removal! We are on of the first to have the most powerful laser hair removal machine in west yorkshire.

The Eneka Pro Diode lasers innovative technology allows the best results from the very first session, maximising safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Eneka pro gives maximum results in laser hair removal. Our powerful diode laser uses A single beam of light to heat the hair and destroy the germ cell at the base of the follicle. In order for any laser to provide effective hair removal results the machine needs a minimum of 1800watts, anything less (IPL and low powered lasers) won’t workl our previous machine was 2000w the Eneka pro is 4000w  so you can only imagine how amazing these results will actually be.

The eneka pro conforms to the demanding ISO 13485 quality certification for the manufacture of medical devices and aesthetic equipment, It is also safe for all skintypes.

Ossett laser clinic really do have the best machine for laser hair removal.

Average number of sessions required 6-8

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