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Laser hair removal

What happens at a laser consultation and patch test?

When we do a laser treatment we check to make sure that the area is clean and hair free, we want the hairs to be just poking through the skin, we also check for any new contraindications, and check no medical changes, we then apply stickers or white pencil to any raised moles, tattoos or pigmentation etc

For some areas we also apply extra cooling before we laser although it's not actually needed because of the sapphire cooling tip. Extra cooling makes it a little more comfortable when we Laser over the area and is good for facial, intimate and underarms.

Then we apply ultrasound gel to the area to cool and also add glide for the laser, this can also create a protective barrier too and then we are ready to laser.

With our high powered Eneka pro we have a large spot size and 4000w out out of energy, our laser is medical grade 4, a lot of lasers are less than 1800w so we know we have the best laser on the market, safe for all skin types. A full back laser with our machine takes less than 10 mins.

Once all Laser is complete we remove the gel, apply any extra cooling if required and then apply aloe Vera gel to the area, not only does this soothe and add hydrate the area, it also promotes healing.

If you would like to try Laser please contact us for a patch test and consultation

Book via the website

Or call 01924 682043

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