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  • Kelly Eaton

Skin tag removal clinic - Wakefield, west yorkshire

Skin tags are benign, innocuous growths which vary in size, shape and attachment. They are often found in areas where there is friction, such as where the skin creases or clothes rub. Skin tags (technically known as fibro-vascular papilloma) are increasingly common as we age and affect almost half of the population. While they are benign and do not pose any direct risk to your health, skin tags can easily be removed if they are impacting on your self esteem or mental well-being.

Skin tags are common on the upper and lower eyelids. If yours are causing you concern or discomfort they can safely and effectively be removed by a skilled electrologist with minimal disruption to your skin.

Treatment is pain free, simple and highly affective.

A small probe is used to cauterise the skin tag. Some skin tags are removed immediately and others may scab and fall off over the following days.

Once removed the skin will return to normal.

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